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Zen-Like Google Keyword Rank Tracking

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Introducing Pretty Tracker—the simple, beautiful way to track your all of your Google rankings, share your progress, and discover more traffic for your site. Sign up to track 10 keywords for free.

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Beautiful & Useful Graphs — Try It:

It’s easy to visualize your website ranking history and share the results with others.

  • Click keyword to toggle graph
  • Drag the graph to pan
  • Move the slider to zoom
  • Share the graph of your progress

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  • -282
  • funny blog
  • 720
  • Search volume: 720

Smart SEO’s Monitor Google Rankings

Understand your SEO campaigns. Know what works and what doesn’t.

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    All Your Keywords, Everyday

    We look for your URL in the first 300 Google results for each of your keywords, eight times a day.

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    Organize Your Tracking

    Use Collections to track competitors, groups of long-tail keywords or whatever you want.

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    One Click Sharing

    One click to share a graph of your ranking on Facebook, Twitter, or as a hosted image to share on SEO forums.

Track All of Your Keywords

You have 3 ways to view your rankings. Rank view is easy on eyes and looks great on smaller screens too.

The rank color changes as you get further from the top position. Graphs for each keyword are toggled by clicking the keyword and shown inline.

Spot Trends With Easy-to-Scan List View

List view gives you the details you need without wasting space on the interface. See the ranking difference since yesterday and whether the keyword is trending up or down for the week.

Monitor Hundreds (or Thousands) of Keywords

Switch to Grid view to get a quick bird’s eye view of the current rank for all of your keywords. Smart coloration makes your rankings clear at a glance.

Built for Bulk Tracking

Set-up tracking for all of your long-tail keywords fast with the bulk tracking form. You can even mix and match URL’s. Perfect for tracking your competition too.

Track Any Website

Just enter the URL and keyword you want to track. Track a whole domain, a sub-domain, or an exact page. It works for YouTube videos too!

Local Search Tracking for Local Businesses

Do you do SEO for local clients? Get accurate data for any location. Just add the city, state, country or even zip code into the local search field to get localized results. Tracking local SEO has never been so easy!

Know Where Your Website Ranks

Pretty Tracker checks the first 300 Google results for your keywords eight times per day. Get reliable results as soon as they happen.

Track Any Google Domain,,, and more! Our depersonalized Google searching algorithm gives you the most accurate results for any country.

Beautiful, Shareable Graphs of Your Google Ranking History

When you can clearly see how your SEO campaigns are affecting your Google rankings, you can make informed decisions on what works and doesn’t work.

Viewing Your Ranking History Is A Piece of Cake

Pretty Tracker graphs are a joy to use. Click a keyword to show or hide the inline graph. Intuitive auto-zoom technology ensures that you always have a nice big graph to see all of the detail you need to spot trends.

Instantly Share Graphs of Your SEO Progress Online

Instantly share a graph image on forums, Facebook, or Twitter. Get advice about your campaigns from other SEO’s.

The graph contains only your rankings, keeping your URL’s and keywords private. If you are buying SEO services, show others how the campaign affected your rankings.

Organization Made Simple

Collections can contain any number of URL’s and keywords. It’s your data and you should be able to organize it the way you want.

Share Entire Collections

Share collections with clients or friends with your Collection’s secret URL. Your clients DO NOT need a Pretty Tracker account to view the link. Check out this shared collection.

Switching to Pretty Tracker is Easy

Import your keywords, URL’s and position history from another rank tracker. Do you use SERPBook? Import all of your keywords and categories in seconds using your SERPBook API key.

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  • up to 50 keywords
  • Small
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